Art treasures, natural beauty and magnificent festivals at the Ambras castle near Innsbruck

The Ambras castle, one of the most beautiful historic buildings in the Tyrol, is situated upon a rock in the south of Innsbruck. In the upper castle there are living rooms with exquisite decor - famous is the bath of Philippine Welser - as well as the spanish hall, which is amongst one of the most beautiful halls built during the renaissance. With the Habsburg portrait gallery, the upper castle offers one of many attractions of the museum. More than 200 images do not only arouse the history of the Habsburg dynasty, they also provide a comprehensive overview of the courtly portraiture from the late gothic to the classicism.

On August 15th each year, the castle park is the location of the renaissance festival that delights children and adults in the wonderful world of the renaissance. Then stilt walkers, jugglers, storytellers, flag throwers, musicians and all sorts of traveling people play their colorful games in the park.

The Ambras castle near Innsbruck can be reached by car from the Alpine Caravan Park Achensee in approx 50 min.