Rattenberg, the medieval city jewel at the green Inn river and a funny cemetery

Narrow streets, colorful facades, towers and a romantic castle ruins convey a picturesque impression of Rattenberg, the oldest town of Tyrol, first documented already in 1254. Great urban consumer temples are nowhere, instead the merchants Rattenberg offers its visitors kindness, warmth, individuality and personal service. The city is famous for its glass culture with countless retail shops, showrooms and workshops where you can admire the glass blowers and cutters in the exercise of their handicrafts. The augustinian Eremitenkloster was founded in 1384 and has been remodeled in the years 1989-1993 in its core area to the Augustinermuseum Rattenberg. Focus of the collection exhibits are gothic sculptures, gold and silver wrought-iron work, as well as religious folk art. The glass city Rattenberg is accessible by car within about 30 min. from the Alpine Caravan Park Achensee.

A curiosity is the museum cemetery Kramsach, known far and wide as funny cemetery in Kramsach, only about 5 min. away by car from Rattenberg. Hans Guggenberger, has collected numerous grave crosses and grave stones from the last century in loving detail and provides them due to their unique inscriptions now in the grounds behind the Sagzahnschmiede. The humorous way of dealing with the transience of life brings each visitor to smile. The glass town Rattenberg is accessible by car in about 30 min. from the Alpine Caravan Park Achensee.

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