Where steam meets water

Since 1889, the oldest steam cog locomotives in the world connect Jenbach with the lake Achensee. The 7 km long route runs at a maximum slope of 160 percent in 45 minutes directly to the boat pier on the south shore of lake Achensee, Seespitz. A nostalgic trip with one of the three sets of the lake Achensee railways is a treat for fans of steam-powered railroad.

Directly by the lake Achensee railway meets the lake Achensee shipping in a unique combination. Five vessels with a capacity of 40 to 600 people make up the fleet of the lake Achensee shipping. On two ships of the line, there are on-board catering and barrier-free facilities. An exclusive experience are the evening cruises with music, dance and rock lights, as well as numerous special events.

From the Alpine Caravan Park Achensee to the train station in Jenbach it is about 30 minutes by car. To the shipping peer Seespitz about 15 minutes.

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